Funeral Services Northamptonshire

The first choice people usually make is about the type of funeral service that will take place. Whether you choose a burial or a cremation, we’ll be there to make all the arrangements on your behalf. 

One thing is clear: funerals are now increasingly seen as a celebration of a person’s life as well as a time for mourning.

The Funeral Service

The funeral service is a way of saying goodbye to someone who has died. We are here to take you through the decisions you need to make to ensure you can arrange the funeral you want for your loved one.

Traditional Funerals

For many of us, a traditional funeral is the best way to reflect our life. We can arrange a funeral procession, with a hearse and following limousines, then a religious ceremony either at a church or a crematorium, with a wooden or more ornate coffin as the focal point.

Contemporary Funerals

With us you are in charge. We take everything at your pace, and will tailor a funeral to your exact wishes and needs. We guarantee no hard sell, and no pressure.

Woodland Burial

More and more people are thinking about the environmental issues surrounding cremation and traditional burial, and turning to woodland burial as an eco-friendly alternative. Woodland burial sites do not allow traditional stone memorials, but instead encourage the planting of trees around graves to create new areas of woodland.

The natural appeal of this is obvious. Burials take place in environmentally friendly coffins made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, wicker or banana leaf, and the woodlands become peaceful and beautiful places to visit.

Other Types of Funerals

  • Religious funerals
  • Non-religious funerals
  • Green funerals
  • The Simple funeral
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