Funeral Costs

We are committed to providing funerals that suit you and your budget and aim for our costs to be clear and transparent. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke and individually tailored funerals from the simple to the traditional, contemporary or green. What ever your requirements or taste is we are here for you at this time.

Funeral Costs

We will always be clear about what the costs are and will provide a written estimate of all costs and charges at the time of making the arrangements.

We will not deviate from this without your permission.

Please get in touch and we will work with you to create a suitable funeral.

We strongly believe that you should only pay for what you need or choose.

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Our Standard Funeral Fee is £2424.00

All of our funerals start as a 'Standard Funeral' and depending on your requests and choices, you can then add more services to create an individual and bespoke funeral in memory of your loved one.

The 'Standard Funeral' includes all of the below services:

• Availability of professionally trained staff, twenty-four hours a day.
• Removal of the deceased within a 10 mile radius.
• Personal care and preparation of the deceased.
• Attending to all relevant and legal paperwork.
• The funeral to be held at a date and time
of your choosing.
• Co-ordinating and conducting the funeral.
• Provision of either a York Wooden coffin
or LifeArt Enviroboard coffin.
• Provision of funeral bearers x 4.
• Page on our website to share information
of the funeral with family and friends.
• Use of a traditional black motor hearse.


Disbursements are the charges made by third parties,which we pay on your behlaf prior to the funeral service and will be itemised on our final funeral account.

These may include items such as:
• Cremation or cemetery fees.
• Doctors’ fees for cremation certificates.
• Church Fees.
• Obituary notices in national or local newspapers.
• Grave preparation if burial.
• Printing (Order of Service).

Options and Payment:

There are many ways to personalise a funeral service, from the coffin and vehicles for that final journey to the flowers you choose and the music that is played. We are here to discuss all of those options with you and to make the funeral the personal service that is unique as the person who has died.

We do not ask for any payment upfront but kindly ask that you settle the account within 28 days of it being issued.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a discount of £100.00 when the funeral is paid for (in full) before the funeral takes place (does not include Direct Cremation, Pre-Paid Funerals or DWP funerals). Please ask for details.

We are also able to offer funeral finance through our partnership with Funeral Safe. Please Click here or contact one of our offices to discuss a finance option

Example Fees

Based upon fees for Kettering Crematorium and Rothwell Road Lawn Cemetery (behind the crematorium).

Doctors currently charge £82.00 for their cremation paperwork. No doctors fee required for a burial.

Kettering Crematorium Fee: £1024.00 this includes the organist and music charge.

Purchase of a new single grave: £716.00 plus interment fee of £625.00.

Ministers or Celebrants fees approximately £240.00 (although they can vary).

Kettering Borough Council Burial Fee: Purchase of a new double grave: £1155.00 plus the interment fee of £764.00.

An example of a cremation service at Kettering Crematorium with our fees which include a Veneered Oak or LifeArt coffin and the provision of the hearse (£2424.00), crematorium fee (£1024.00), doctors fee (£82.00) and a Minister / Funeral Celebrants fee (£240.00) the total would be: £3770.00.

For a burial service for a new single grave and interment with a service at Kettering crematorium chapel an example cost would be: Our Fees are (£2424.00), Crematorium Chapel fee including an organist (£259.00), Kettering Borough Council Burial Fees (£1341.00) and a Minister / Funeral Celebrants Fee (£240.00) the total would be: £4264.00.

In addition to these costs you might consider limousines, an obituary notice, flowers and a printed order of service. These costs will vary

Funeral Costs

Service at One of Our Offices with Unattended Cremation or Simple Direct Cremation.

We are able to offer the option of a service at our rooms at Northampton House or the Angel for up to 25 people. An unattended/direct cremation would then take place the morning after the service.

A direct cremation is a simple and respectful cremation without a funeral. The costs are lower because we choose the date and time of the cremation. There is no service and family do not attend.

This fee includes removal during working hours and care of the person who has died until the day of the funeral, all paperwork and a simple veneered wood or cardboard coffin, cremation costs and doctor’s certificate (if required). £1977.00.

If you chose to have a service at one of our offices on the day before the direct cremation there would be the additional cost of a Celebrant to take the service and use of the facilities.

Funeral Costs


We are here for you 24 hours a day so please don’t hesitate to call us when you need us.


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