Funeral Costs

Some companies dont advertise their prices online (ours are set out below), some companies do but your final bill wont be what you expected. We will always try to be clear about what the costs are and why they are what they are. We may not always be the cheapest on the surface but when everything is explained on a like for like basis you will see the value and personal service we offer. We dont offer packages becuase as life isn't a package deal we dont feel the funeral should be one either.

If you have concerns about costs, please talk to us. Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail and we will work with you to create a suitable funeral.

We guarantee to be completely open and honest about our charges. Our size and low overheads mean that we do not have to pass on any unnecessary charges to you.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer to the community, and to make the ‘funeral experience’ more rewarding for everyone involved. For example if the funeral you wish to hold is for a small number of people (up to 45) we can offer you the use of our ceremony room at Northampton House.

Alternatively, if you only want us to provide certain elements of what might traditionally be called ‘our professional services’ we are pleased to advise you.

Please ask us for a precise quote based on your exact requirements.

We will provide a written estimate of all costs and charges at the time of making the arrangements, and will not deviate from this without your permission.

Please find below an example of our fees for a full cremation service at Kettering Crematorium:

TOTAL: £3,200.00

This includes: professional fees, veneered oak coffin, hearse, chapel of rest, crematorium fee, doctor's fees, minister's fee and pall bearers.  This example does not include a limousine, these may be added at £190.00 each.

As shown above, this example includes all the items that are usually associated with a traditional funeral,

Our Fees:

Professional Fee £1345.00 : To cover the initial arrangements at our premises or your home and any subsequent meetings, availability of trained staff twenty four hours a day, collection of the deceased and bringing them into our care, care of the deceased from collection until the day of the funeral, availability of facilities and equipment as required, attending to all relevant administration and legalities, advice and guidance, coordinating and conducting the funeral.

Coffins: from £395.00

Provison of the hearse and four pallbearers: £190.00

Limousines: £190.00 each

Use of our Mercedes Estate in lieu of hearse : £95.00

Use of our rooms for ceremonies: £100.00

Catering : from £7.00 per head

PLEASE NOTE:  There are no hidden extras applicable to our fees.  For example, we do not charge any extra for taking the cortege to another location (e.g. church) before the cremation or burial (on the day of the service) or for leaving from a home address.

In addition, we are pleased to offer a discount of £100.00 when the funeral is paid for (in full)  before the funeral takes place (does not include Direct Cremation, Pre-Paid Funerals or DWP funerals).  Please ask for details.

Funeral Disbursements

There are some funeral disbursements (third party fees) we will pay on your behalf.  These includes the crematorium or cemetery fees, church fees, and doctors' fees.  On average these will cost around £1,100.00.

In line with the Office of Fair Trading we offer a simple at need funeral costing £1395.00 plus fees paid out on your behalf. This funeral consists of a hearse only to the crematorium on a day and time of our choice. It includes a coffin and the option to pay last respects inside normal working hours. It is possible to have add limousines at £190.00 each and flowers from our florist but no other options are permitted. Please ask for further details.

We also offer a Direct Cremation which has been designed to cater for those people who DO NOT wish to have any type of funeral service at the time of cremation.

The Direct Cremation service consists of: collection of the deceased, care of the deceased at our premises, provision of a simple coffin, arranging and administering all paperwork, service of Funeral Director and pall bearers at time of the cremation, transport of the coffin to the crematorium using our Mercedes estate car, cremation at Kettering crematorium at a time/date convenient to us, collection of ashes and storage of ashes for us to 3 months.

This service DOES NOT INCLUDE: Chapel of Rest visitation, use of a hearse,  attendance of mourners at the crematorium,, any funeral procession or service prior to or at the time of cremation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a complete package and cannot be altered or added to in any way.  Doctor's fees may be deducted if the coroner has been involved - please ask for further details.

Direct Cremation : £1,850.00

Another alternative is to hold the funeral ceremony at our premises in Kettering.  Our room enables you to hold the service without the timing worries created by using a traditional crematorium chapel or church.  The room will comfortably seat 45, with room for another 10 people standing.  There is also the option of on-site catering which we can organise for you. 

Example Cost for service held in our ceremony room: £3,000.00

The example cost includes: professional fee, simple coffin, room hire, use of chapel of rest, use of Mercedes (to transport coffin to the crematorium on next working day), Kettering Crematorium fee, doctor's fees and minister's fee. The coffin will be taken to the crematorium on the next working day following the service.

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