Caring For The Deceased – Looking After Your Loved One

Once you have entrusted the deceased to us we will take care of them with respect and professionalism. Your loved one will be taken from their place of death to our local funeral home. If you prefer they can rest at home or in church, if this is allowed.

Our funeral directors will carry out your wishes carefully and respectfully but, if you would like to help us look after your loved one, please let us know.

Spending time with the deceased

Some people find it helps to spend time with the person who has died and like to bring a small gift or photograph to put in the coffin. Others find it upsetting to see someone they loved who is now dead. It's a personal choice and we can talk this through with you.

Telling others about the death

You may want to put an announcement in a local or national newspaper to tell people about the death and the details of the funeral. We can help you with drafting and sending a death announcement to a newspaper.

After the funeral you can also place a thank you message in a newspaper to thank those who attended and sent donations or flowers. We can keep copies for you and laminate them to protect them.

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